The Cuckoos that sing the sound of Puglia
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The Cuckoos that sing the sound of Puglia

Lino and Pia are two special cuckoo bottle caps created by the Dossofiorito design studio exclusively for the Apulian winery Ognissole. Once inserted into the bottle these birds serve as caps and pourers, revealing their unique talent: Lino and Pia “chirp” as the wine is poured. To hear them sing just pour the wine! An everyday gesture creating a new and joyful atmosphere.

The wooden box packaging contains:

2 “Dossofiorito” cuckoo bottle caps
1 bottle 0,750 lt Pietraia, Castel del Monte Bianco Dop (Protected Geographical Indication) – Ognissole
1 bottle 0,750 lt Brecciato, Castel del Monte Rosso Dop – (Protected Geographical Indication) Ognissole

€ 104.50
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