MOMOTOSE 5 years
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MOMOTOSE 5 years

There are two types of aged sake: the Tanjuku refined in low and controlled temperatures, and the Nojuku, aged at room temperature therefore exposed to seasonal changes. Momotose is a Nojuku. Its color, aroma and taste inevitably change and can evolve over time. For expert sake lovers, aged sake is always an immersion into a unique and surprising world. Refined sakes, with their exclusive flavor, are very versatile and complement risotto, porcino mushroom or truffle dishes, and soft cheeses. Momotose ages for five years. Golden in color, its aroma presents spicy echoes and a clear note of nut. It pairs well with fragrant and spicy dishes and mature cheeses. Balanced and harmonious in the mouth.

The packaging contains:

1 bottle 0,300 ml MOMOTOSE 5 YEARS

€ 46.00
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