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FeudiStudi is the laboratory that allows us to study the characteristics and learn the potential of the over 700 terroirs that we manage.
Every year we select different wines that for us represent the maximum expression of each label.
This packaging includes Fiano from Sant’Angelo a Scala and the Taurasi Aglianico from Castelfranci, together with a map of Irpinia.

The wooden box packaging contains:

1 bottle 0,750 lt FeudiStudi Campo Aperto 2016. Fiano di Avellino Docg (Designation and Guarantee of Origin)
1 bottle 0,750 lt FeudiStudi Candriano 2012, Taurasi Docg (Designation and Guarantee of Origin)
1 Crumpled Map of Irpinia

€ 82.00
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