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To share the discovery of wine territories and unique experiences in our wineries, we propose a selection of authentic and fun Gift Cards*. Customized experiences, dedicated to wine lovers and more! *The gift card will be sent in digital format.
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Campo alle Comete - winery tour, wine and oil tasting
€ 25.00
Feudi di San Gregorio - winery tour and wine tasting
€ 25.00
Gift card for Serrocielo magnum
€ 27.00
Gift card for DUBL Brut magnum
€ 30.00
Gift card for Pietracalda magnum
€ 30.00
Gift card for Cutizzi magnum
€ 31.00
Feudi di San Gregorio - winery tour with wine, charcuterie and cheese tasting
€ 35.00
Gift card fot DUBL Rosato magnum
€ 40.00
Gift card for DUBL+ magnum
€ 40.00
Campo alle Comete - winery tour with wine, oil, cold cuts and cheese tasting
€ 40.00
Gift card for Taurasi magnum
€ 51.00
Gift card per DUBL ESSE magnum
€ 57.00
Gift card for DUBL ESSE Rosato magnum
€ 57.00
Ristorante Marennà – Tasting Menu 5 courses with 3 glasses of wine
€ 100.00
Ristorante Marennà – Tasting Menu 7 courses with 4 glasses of wine
€ 130.00